Putting Down Our Burdens Before the Cross

Today, April 30, 2017 we listened to an interesting discussion by the Discover the Word team about a verse from the Bible’s New Testament book of Mark, chapter 12, verse 31: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Could it be that this verse is as much about knowing how to love yourself?

For example, have you ever known someone who has lamented the fact that they had done something so wrong, have felt that they have asked and received forgiveness from God, but have never been able to forgive themselves? They sometimes feel as though what they did was so terrible that they deserve additional punishment sometimes taking it on themselves in very devastating ways. Even though God has forgiven them they have not forgiven themselves.

Jesus’ life was all about taking on the sins of the world – all of the sins of each one of us – and dying on the cross suffering for all of us for what we have done. He REALLY did that, and did it for that sin that we feel we cannot forgive ourselves for. When you come to the cross you can throw that burden down knowing that somebody else has carried that burden and suffered for you. It is sometimes easy to say and hard to do, but is what we need to realize because someone else has suffered in our place.

Here is a link to today’s discussion.

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