Letters to My Grandchild

What is one of the best gifts that we can give our children and grandchildren? The answer is: ourselves. Today, July 9, 2017 we talked about leaving a special gift for them in the form of short letters, sealed in envelopes, to be opened on a specific date or event.

Artist Lea Redmond created the series of Letters to my… and today we talked about Letters to my Grandchild. There are about a dozen envelopes bound in a small booklet with various topics on each one. We would write our response to a topic, place it in the envelope, seal it, and indicate on the envelope when it was sealed and when it is to be opened. For example, “The best advice anyone ever gave me was…” is the topic, we respond to that, place our response inside the envelope, seal it, state that it was sealed on mm/dd/yyyy, and indicate that it is to be opened on mm/dd/yyy (or an event such as a wedding day).

We spent the rest of our time sharing among one another stories and memories of our past… short snippets of things that helped form who we are. Most of what we shared were positive experiences, but even the negative ones have been valuable in shaping us and can be instructive and informative to those who hear them.

Following God’s commandment for us in Psalm 78 v 1-8, it is a simple and manageable way for us to pass on to future generations some of our wisdom in a way that will be incredibly meaningful to them when opened. Click here for a link to one place that the booklet can be purchased.

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