About TUMC Searchers

We are a Trinity United Methodist Church class that meets on Sunday mornings in room E203 at 10:00 (after the 9:00 traditional worship service. Each Sunday we generally watch a video, listen to an audio discussion, or have a discussion topic of our own. There is no preparation that you need to do ahead of time. The subjects will be interesting, and the learning will happen as we discuss and share ideas about them each week. Therefore, if you miss attending a Sunday you will not lose continuity as you might with a lesson series. Occasionally we will do a series of lessons… but not often as it is hard to maintain continuity with our personal schedules. When possible, resources and links will be posted here for each Sunday’s topic so that you can take advantage of additional resources if you wish, or just keep up with the discussion if you are out of town.

Trinity United Methodist Church is located at 2715 E. Jackson Boulevard in Elkhart, Indiana 46516. Our telephone number is 574-294-7602 and our church website is 3umc.org

Please come and visit us or even “Follow Blog via Email” (on right, below) to receive postings as an email!


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